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Integrated Health Home

The focus of Integrated Health Homes is integrated medical and behavioral care, as well as social support needs, witht he intention of improving health through better coordination, communication, resource access, health and wellness education and activities.
The Integrated Health Team at Northeast Iowa Behavorial Health will help coordinate alol of your services and make sure you get the services you need.  Benefits of joining inclued:

  • A peer who knows what it is like to walk in your shoes.  Peer support specialists are people who have dealth with life experiences and have been trained to offer peer support.  They may work with people alone or in groups.  They understand emotiona, social, and community needs.
  • A nurse who can assist you in getting or staying healthy.
  • A care coordinator who can work with you to get the services and support you need.

Visit: to learn more about the Integrated Health Home initiative and useful lifestyle information.
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PayPal and Credit Cards now accepted online

You can now pay on your account on line using PayPal or your credit card.  Here is the link.
The Account Payment page can also be reached from the “Our Services” menu and from the "Payment for Services" page.
Just fill in the client name, birth date, and account number and then press the "Pay Now" button.  You will be prompted for either your PayPal account information or your credit card information.

Feb 29, 2012

Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health to Provide Distance Substance Abuse Treatment

Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health (NEIBH) is offering distance treatment for qualifying substance abuse clients.  We are partnering with Iowa Department of Public Health to help make treatment more convenient and assessable.  Clients that qualify will be able to continue their treatment via phone and internet with assignments and follow up contact with a therapist.
Please contact us at Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health, 563-382-3649 for more information.

Aug 3, 2011

New Crisis Services for Northeast Iowa

Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health in partnership with Hillcrest Wellness Center of Dubuque, IA has been granted funding to plan and implement a new crisis stabilization pilot project in Northeast Iowa.  The goal of the project is to reduce involuntary court commitments for mental health and substance abuse crisis in rural areas of the state, and reduce the associated trauma to the individuals in crisis.  Additional goals of the project would be to create more effective partnerships between behavioral health services, primary healthcare, and court services, as well as to save county, state, and federal tax dollars.
In collaboration with three rural area hospitals, Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health is set to implement a 23 hour respite bed pilot project. The project is grounded in the belief that individuals in crisis are not necessarily in need of a civil court committed evaluation service and transportation to a locked behavioral health facility.  The hope is that local hospitals working closely with peer support staff from Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health would be able to provide effective and efficient services that would prevent a substantial number of individuals from involuntary court committals. A successful best practice model could then be rolled out on a statewide basis to other rural areas of the state.
Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health has recently hired four Peer Support Specialists who will work in the community as well as in the hospital to provide additional support, advice, and guidance to the individual in crisis. The Peer Support Specialists are people with lived-life experience and are trained to use their own recovery story as a tool to help the recipient. With the development of these services, we keep the individual in a familiar community and save the costs of transportation to and from a locked facility. The bed may be appropriate for persons evaluated by hospital emergency room staff, attending physician, and a consulting psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.  The individual could not be a danger to themselves or to others.
The project is funded through a Crisis Stabilization Grant from Magellan Health Services and the Iowa Department of Human Services.  The combined grant funding is expected to total approximately $535, 000.00 over a two-year period.

Jun 1, 2011