Community Continuing Education and Training

Community education NEIBH provides community educational services to both professionals and the public, in order to promote behavioral health prevention and to reduce the stigma attached to mental health and substance use disorders. NEIBH staff members are available to provide community education on a variety of mental health and substance abuse topics. Audiences include school, elderly and general population groups.

Community Consultation
NEIBH staff members participate in activities in the community where input on mental health, substance abuse or co-occurring concerns are being addressed.

Community Partnerships
NEIBH partners with community organizations, and provides consultation and education on mental health and substance abuse topics.

For further information, call us locally at 563-382-3649, or 319-283-5774, or toll-free 800-400-8923. For hearing/speech impaired access, call 711, or 800-735-2942.