Community Support Services Program

Community Support Services (CSS) is a program to support seriously mentally ill individuals in reducing and managing their symptoms and limitations. This allows individuals to be more stable and to fully participate in the community. CSS is designed to assist individuals who experience intense and persistent mental health symptoms as they live and work in the community.  CSS helps individuals to reduce or manage symptoms and associated functional limitations that negatively affect community integration and stability and overall recovery.

CSS components include:

  • monitoring mental health symptoms and functioning/reality orientation
  • supportive relationships
  • communication with other providers
  • assistance in attending appointments and obtaining medications
  • crisis intervention and development of a crisis plan
  • development and coordination of mental health supports

CSS is provided at the frequency consistent with the individual’s needs.   There are two levels of service.  Low intensity CSS is for individuals who require periodic support to maintain their level of functioning in the community.  It is provided through two to four contacts from staff per month.  High intensity CSS is for individuals who experience intense mental health disturbances that require increased support and follow-up. High intensity is provided through five to twelve contacts per month with CSS staff.  Both low and high intensity CSS require psychiatric oversight by the agency psychiatrist.

CSS is provided in individuals' homes, community settings and occasionally in the agency setting.  CSS is provided by knowledgeable staff with experience in working with adults with intense and persistent mental health issues. Staff have the ability to create relationships with individuals that balance support for mental health issues and functional limitations with maximum individual independence.  In addition, CSS staff is trained in Wellness Recovery and embrace Recovery Principals.

How are CSS referrals made?

The individual therapist is able to make a referral to CSS staff for a CSS assessment.  Our NEIBHC psychiatrist can also make a referral.  For individuals not currently receiving services from NEIBHC an intake with a therapist and a psychiatric evaluation with our psychiatrist will be scheduled.

How is CSS funded?

There are two primary funders for CSS.  Managed Title XIX Medical Assistance funds individuals who are on Medical Assistance. County Central Point of Coordination funds the service for income eligible individuals who do not have Medical Assistance.  Individuals can also privately pay the monthly fee.

To  find out more about the Community Support Services Program, call us locally at 563-382-3649, or 319-283-5774, or toll-free 800-400-8923. For hearing/speech impaired access, call 711, or 800-735-2942.